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    19 Pictures That Will Undeniably Shake You To The Very Core

    There's no going back.

    1. A dog's purpose:

    2. Yosemite Sam's big, long red jowls:

    3. This truth bomb:

    4. Shaved Chewbacca:

    5. Daddy Jar Jar:

    6. Jafar without any clothes:

    7. Edward's hobby:

    8. Mike Wazowski's new look:

    9. Everyone's favorite flavor:

    10. Venom with eyes:

    11. Bill Clinton as a naked mole rat:

    12. Hairless Luigi:

    13. How hard boiled eggs are meant to be eaten:

    14. Everyone's favorite snack:

    15. This ground-breaking question:

    16. Honey nuts:

    17. Cat sounds:

    18. Soy milk:

    19. And, finally, human instruments: