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The 22 Dumbest Questions Ever Asked By Kids In Sex Ed

"Can STDs be transmitted through farts?"

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1. "Can you pee?"

I remember during sex ed a kid asked if you could pee while having sex

2. "But what if tacos are involved?"

I remember in sex ed when a guy asked "if a girl eats a taco will she taste like a taco?"

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3. "Can it...fall off?"

Omg i just remembered in my sex ed class last year a guy asked if a vagina could fall off

4. "What about roofs?"

I remember the sex ed dude telling is there were no stupid questions. Until he got asked "Can you get pregnant while on a roof?"

5. "Does it go *POP*?"

I remember one time in sex ed, a boy asked if boobs could pop and if a penis could break.

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6. "How dangerous ARE farts?"

s/o to the girl in my sex ed class who asked if STDs could be transmitted through farts.

7. "Butt pregnancy?"

I remember in my HIGH SCHOOL sex ed class when someone asked if you can get pregnant in the butt

8. "Can I get crabs...there?"

I Remember this Boy asked if you could get butt crabs in sex ed class i was CRYING 😂😂😂

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9. "Just the tips?"

I remember in middle school sex ed this dude in my class asked if two guys could put they tips inside each other's tips. Getcho goof ass on.

10. "What's it taste like?"

i remember one sex ed class in particular where a kid asked what cum tastes like and the teacher said a lil salty and everyone was mortified

11. "Tell me about...ear sex."

I member in sex ed some girl asked what happens when you have ear sex

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12. "Is that what PMS is?"

if you want a reason to advocate sex ed then just remember that today 2 girls asked me if pms meant getting your vagina removed.

13. "Is air OK?"

I remember we was in Sex Ed & Jalen asked the dumbest question he said "Do you breathe when having sex?" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

14. "Is it a spider?"

remember the boy in my sex ed class who thought a lesbian was a type of spider. honestly im telling that story at my wedding

15. "Will I go blind?"

I remember I asked my Sex Ed teacher could you go blind from jacking off lol. Everybody else was scared to ask

16. "Can you wear clothes?"

I remember in 6 we had a sex ed thing & someone asked if you could have sex with clothes on & i remember the teachers facial expression

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17. "Is that peanut butter?"

I remember during sex ed we were watching a movie about a woman giving birth and one kid asked what was coming out of her was peanut butter

18. "But what about the baby?"

my brother telling me about his sex ed class: some guy asked "if i sleep with a pregnant lady, can I get the baby pregnant?" #dying

19. "Can I taste it?"

I remember when we had Sex Ed in Year 6 and Nicola asked Miss if you could drink your own breast milk.

20. "Is this natural?"

@biebsymahone in sex Ed 7th grade a guy asked if it was natural to stick his dick in a donut hole

21. "What's that smell?"

I remember in 7th grade sex ed when someone asked "what does sex smell like"

22. "Is this normal?"

In middle school sex ed class, some kid asked if it was normal to have a hairy penis. I hope wherever he is, he and his hairy penis are ok.

To sum it up:

i remember we had sex ed once and the teacher asked us to write what we learnt from this class and this girl wrote "we need jesus christ."

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