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23 Pictures You Won't Even BEGIN To Understand If You've Never Worked In A Restaurant

You seriously can't even imagine.

1. Kindred spirits:

2. True stupidity:

3. Shifts from the grave:

4. How to say sorry:

5. The dream:

6. How to annoy any server:

7. The most uncomfortable situation:

8. Work dreams:

9. What checks should actually show:

10. The funniest joke in the world:

11. The rudest generation:

12. How to improve every POS system:

13. How to be right:

14. Alternative therapy:

15. The missing arm:

16. What happens when you complain:

17. The important difference:

18. Training 101:

19. Bad days:

20. The generational difference:

21. Getting away with it:

22. Moments of peace:

23. And, finally, how to be a good person: