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35 Things About "American Schools" That Are Completely Normal To Americans And Incredibly Weird To Non-Americans

"Do American schools actually have those yellow buses or is that just made up for movies and TV shows?"

1. The time school starts:

why do americans go to school at 7 am ??? that should be illegal

Twitter: @storyofpjm

2. Cafeterias as a concept:

do american schools actually have most students sit in the cafeteria during lunch

Twitter: @almostvomited

3. And lunch tables:

actually u know what baffles me. that american schools have like. places to sit at lunch. like lunch tables

Twitter: @otometohoten

4. Specifically THESE tables:

just been informed that americans eat school lunch outside (even if it’s raining) on tables with HOLES IN THEM. HOLES.

Twitter: @ssienaah

5. Using hall passes:

Do schools in America actually use hall passes? Like you can’t go to the bathroom without a pass?? What?!? I though that was just in movies

Twitter: @Sarah22684186

6. Lockers for stuff:

wait do american schools actually have these weird-ass lockers where you put your stuff in??? like it's not just in the movies??

7. Saying The Pledge:

is it true that in American schools students stare at the flag and recite the pledge of allegiance?? That is sooooo wild to me

8. And just all the flags in general:

Do American schools really have the flag hung in like every class

Twitter: @OneRandomFrost

9. The lunches:

10. And the mandatory milk:

why do American school lunches always include a mini carton of milk?

11. School starting in September:

what the fuck? American schools start in September? what kinda logic is that, just in the middle of the mf year

Twitter: @JohnJRennsII

12. Or in August:

Ok but why do American schools start in August anyway. It's still summer, this is madness

13. Morning announcements:


Twitter: @trashboyyx

14. The entire concept of school buses:

do American schools actually have those yellow buses or is that just made up shit for the movies and tv shows

Twitter: @_emmawatt

15. Nurses on the premises:

Wait do american schools actually have like dedicated school nurses cus that does not exist in any school i have been to

Twitter: @lazlokinner

16. Cheerleaders existing:

do american schools actually have cheerleaders? And are those cheerleaders stuck up? I NEED TO KNOW

17. Not using numbers:

I don’t understand american school years what the fuck is a freshman or a sophomore why do you have these words instead of the numbers

18. Water fountains:

do american schools really have water fountains, that is absolutely disgusting

Twitter: @tallgnf

19. Desks???:

20. Detention:

Is detention actually a real thing in american schools or Hollywood just invented it for subplots in teen comedies?

Twitter: @andrej_ngmi

21. School dances:

question, do schools in america actually have dances that take place in the school or????

Twitter: @singular1989

22. Rival schools:

do schools in america actually have rival schools or is this only a thing in fictional land?

23. Parking:

do american schools actually have parking lots like is that a thing??

24. The way they look:

Why do American schools look like prison blocks? And what's with the lack of windows?

25. Mascots:

american schools really have mascots??? i thought it was a big inside joke https://t.co/aTFgokohxE

Twitter: @for1977wolfstar

26. Wrestling as a sport:

It amazes me that American schools do wrestling. Like can you imagine the absolute carnage if that happened in England?!

Twitter: @o_liviawatson

27. Drama club:

do american schools really have drama clubs that put on shows all the time ?

28. Pools:

do american schools actually have swimming pools in them?!??!

29. And clubs in general:

why do american schools have clubs for like everything though?? imagine your school having a fishing club aye no thanks x

30. Pep rallies:

Wtf is a pep rally Do they actually happen in American schools? I genuinely want to know

Twitter: @Suryanithapa

31. Vending machines:

Do American schools really have vending machines what the fuck

32. Climbing ropes:

Do American schools actually make their students climb a rope in PE?

33. Snow days:

why tf do american schools get cancelled when theres snow. every january in sweden there is a meter of snow and NOT ONCE have our school cancelled the day. DO IT THE AMERICAN WAY SCHOOL

34. The weird duration of school:

Twitter: @bunnysmiIez

35. And, just like, lacrosse:

Crazy, I know.