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23 Things That Seemed Completely Normal In High School But Were Actually Really, Really Strange

None of this makes sense.

1. The very strange diet of a high schooler:

2. The very random things used as passes:

3. Gettin' a little musty before 11 a.m.:

4. The sheer intensity of a Jeopardy review game:

5. Walking into the bathroom and seeing this and just thinking, Yeah, makes sense:

6. All the vomit:

7. Toilet paper made of sand:

8. Kids doing this for no reason:

9. The start time:

I can’t believe school used to start before 9am and I actually WENT

10. The VERY serious dash for chicken nuggets:

11. That one girl who hissed:

12. That rumor everyone knew for some reason:

13. Kids cracking their back on this chair nonstop:

14. All those jacked-up theater kids:

I’m sick of coffee I want whatever theater kids consumed that made them act like that at 8am

15. All the screams:

16. Square dancing?

Me: how do I do my taxes Public School: shut the fuck up and square dance

17. Teachers going to extreme measures:

18. Kids just snorting Cheetos dust or Pixy Stix dust:

19. Every single class ending like this:

20. Things just breaking off for no reason:

21. The noises...THE NOISES:

22. The toilet situation:

23. And thinking it was VERY important that you know this:

I mean, it is. It really is.

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