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I'm Dying Laughing At These Scammers Who Tried To Rip People Off And Got Totally And Completely Destroyed In The Process In 2022

These bring me so much joy.

Folks, it feels like every single day we all get an absolutely wild amount of spam texts sent to us. It can be enough to drive one absolutely cuckoo. Cuckoo! Join me, if you will, as we look at some people who absolutely slam-dunked on some sorry scammers.

Take for example...

1. The person who is surrounded by potential homeowners:

person tries to buy real estate and someone says there are a lot of bloodstains there

2. The person who came up with the absolute best insult for a scammer:

person calls a scammer a microwave meal

3. The person whose name definitely is not Kevin:

a scammer texting Kevin, the person texted saying they're not Kevin, and the scammer asking for their name, to which they respond, "Kevin"

4. The person who was kind enough to help a scammer out:

person tells a scammer they forgot a link

5. The person who had a scammer so nice they tried to scam them twice:

two different scams from the same number

6. The person who let a scammer know their secret desires:

person mocking a scammer and saying that they love pizza

7. The person who told a scammer what they really do for a living:

person telling a scammer they are a hitman

8. The person who told the scammer the rules of the top secret job:

person pretending that a scammer is a spy and giving them specific instructions

9. The person who hit a scammer with a taste of their own medicine:

person sending a fake extended warranty notice to a scammer

10. The person who made sure a scammer showed some decorum:

person telling a scammer to say hello

11. The person who gave a scammer all their info:

person giving a scammer fake info

12. The person who made their conditions that needed to be met known to a scammer:

person joking at they need a huge list of things from a scammer to take their bait

13. The person who had their scammer literally ask where Earth is located:

Scammer asking where is Earth located

14. The person who tried to see just how little scammers actually care about others:

person talking to a scammer pretends to hit someone

15. The person who found their lifelong soulmate in a scammer:

person confusing a scammer and getting them to call themselves emma

16. The person who hit a scammer with the ol' reverse card:

person uses scammer's language against them

17. The person who acknowledged this scammer's incredible overreach:

scammer who tries to scam a whole group chat of people

18. The person who sent a scammer the best kind of payment:

person who sent a stock photo of a man holding money instead of payment

19. The person who bored a scammer into oblivion:

person asking a scammer if they wish to learn about crypto

20. The person who deployed eighth-grade humor to great effectiveness:

person telling a scammer to ligma nuts

21. The person who told a scammer exactly what they wanted:

person telling a scammer to get rid of their number

22. The person who predicted a scammer's every move:

A person guessing what the scammer is going to do

23. The person who let a scammer know they might want to chill out:

person mocking a scammer

24. The person who let a scammer down as easy as possible:

person telling a scammer to shove a screwdriver up their little butt

25. The person who made sure the scammer was well fed:

a scam text that someone responded to with a photo of their plate of ramen

26. The person who properly verified the scammer:

scammer being told to go f themselves

27. The person who gave a scammer some ol'-fashioned neighborly love:

someone pretending to be a neighbor

28. The person who laughed in the face of imminent destruction:

someone responding to a scammers threat by saying they can go ahead and destroy their phone since all they have is photos of pigeons

29. The person who gave the scammer a little URL tip:

scammer sends a url that literally says scam chargeback

30. The person who gave a scammer an intimate window into their life:

person who puts on porn to waste a scammers time

31. The person who kept it 18th-century style with a scammer:

person who says to a scammer they only take payment in chicken

32. The person who told a scammer exactly where they went wrong:

scammer who says they are texting from an iphone but are texting from an android

33. The person who is the founder of Grabaholma Inc.:

scammer being made to say grabaholma nuts

34. The person who definitely wasn't talking with a bot:

scammer who is definitely a robot

35. The person who had the time of their life at a farewell party:

scammer who completely gets wrong who they are talking with

36. The person who met a scammer who definitely lives in the USA:

scammer says they are from the fictional state of columbus

37. The person who told a scammer what we REALLY are:

scammer asks for nudes and gets met with an existential warning

38. The person who clearly did something to upset this scammer:

scammer who tries to say they arre diana's friend and getts angry when called out

39. The person whose scammer has definitely not seen The Office scam:

a person responding to a scammer with a photo of Kevin from The Office and info like they are the character

40. The person who told an ancient legend to their scammer:

person who tells a scammer a long rambling story

41. The person who was scammed from beyond the grave:

scammer gets called out on using a deceased person's facebook to scam

42. The person who was kind enough to connect a scammer with some other scammers:

a person who sets up scammers' numbers with free puppy offers, and a scammer responding, "Whatever you've done with this number please stop"

43. The person who gave a scammer their exact location:

scammer gets told off

44. The person who found a scammer willing to go to the end of Middle-Earth to scam them:

person says their name is sauron

45. And, finally, the person who found the most honest scammer out there:

text reading this is a scam send me money

Did you enjoy all those wacky pictures but really wish you could've been listening to some Cool Tunes™ while reading them? You're in luck, my friend. Check out this playlist of my favorite songs I listened to in 2022. Bless!