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    21 Times People Absolutely Destroyed Scammers In The Most Satisfying Way Possible

    These people are heroes.

    1. The leftovers revenge:

    person sending a scammer old food

    2. The glitter revenge:

    person sending a scammer glitter in the mail

    3. The gambling revenge:

    person pretending to sign a scammer up for gambling updates

    4. The potato revenge:

    person making a scammer say potato

    5. The murderous revenge:

    person pretending they have murdered someone with a scammer

    6. The fire revenge:

    person sending a picture of their burning house for sale to a scammer

    7. The spelling revenge:

    scammer mispelling amazon in their scam

    8. The chain restaurant revenge:

    person telling a scammer they're going to get an applebees gift card instead of a amazon gift card

    9. The plums revenge:

    person telling a scammer to suck their plums

    10. The professor revenge:

    person making a scammer call them professor

    11. The relationship revenge:

    a scammer getting sent a funny photoshopped picture of their face

    12. The gift card revenge:

    person sending a scammer the back of a gift card that says go fuck yourself

    13. The credit card revenge:

    person saying their credit card is a blockbuster card

    14. The sensual stock image revenge:

    person sending a funny stock photo to a scammer
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    15. The link revenge:

    scammer sending their scam link that says its a scam in the url

    16. The FBI revenge:

    17. The police revenge:

    person telling a scammer their number is one thing when iin fact they sent the nypd number

    18. The please revenge:

    scammer mispelling please

    19. The PayPal revenge:

    scammer saying someone's paypal account got hacked only they don't have a paypal

    20. The video game quest revenge:

    perrson making video game jokes to a scammer

    21. And the app revenge:

    person pretending not to know what whatsapp is to a scammer

    We'll never know what app they were talking about.

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