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Sep 24, 2015

26 Things The Pope Should Actually Be Concerned About

Save us, Pope-a.

1. Pray for the Green M&M.

2. Pray for this man's socks.

3. Pray for these two and their relationship.

4. Pray for our foods still not touched by pumpkin spice.

5. Pray for the children of L Solve A Door.


6. Pray for our cereal bowls.

7. Pray for those visiting the Sexy Gorilla.

8. Pray for friends who shit together.

9. Pray for those buying a clip-on man bun.

10. Pray for those taking a shit barefoot.

11. Pray for the child who received this text meant for dad.


12. Pray for our pregnant Minions.

13. Pray for this woman's fantasies.


14. Pray for those facetiming their unmentionables.

15. Pray for our nation's youth.

16. Pray for those sexually attracted to Panera.

17. Pray for this poor soul.

18. Pray for our nuns and especially our Bad Habit Nuns.

19. Pray for our dry skin.

20. Pray for this frog.

21. Pray for our butthole chocolates.

22. Pray for our nation's corn.

23. Pray for our exes that are now stepdads.

24. Pray for those almost killed by Doritos.

25. Pray for those with destroying their bodies with Gangnam.

26. And please, please pray for whoever had to eat this.


Lord help them.

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