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    17 Pictures That Prove Kids Have Absolutely Zero Filter

    They cut right to the bone.

    1. On dinosaurs:

    2. On medicine:

    My 3 year old calls Flonase "mommy's special nose medicine" and now my neighbor thinks I do cocaine.

    3. On pranks:

    4. On tampons:

    Great... my 3 year old saw me pull a tampon out & now she’s going around saying mommy had a mouse in her butt

    5. On tattoos:

    6. On the floor:

    Of all the terrible ways to be woken up I think, “mommy, my fart is on the floor,” takes the cake. 😳😂

    7. On replacements:

    8. On anniversaries:

    9. On love:

    10. On glasses:


    11. On weight:

    12. On funerals:


    13. On lifeguards:

    14. On the Bible:

    15. On movies:

    16. On walls:


    17. On life:

    My cousins yr7 class were talking about what they’re grateful for and everyone was talking about their mums, one kid in the class had lost his mum a few months ago and my cousin saw him crying so he reassured him by saying “don’t worry everyone’s mum is going to die”-

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