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    50 People Who I Know For A Fact Regret Literally Every Single Decision They Made Last Month

    Folks, it can always be worse.

    Sometimes, nothing goes your way. Take for example...

    1. The person who might just want to wear a seat belt next time:

    makeup imprint of a face on a seat

    2. The person who learned the hard way to never let a friend cut your hair:

    person who let a friend cut their hair

    3. The person who must never wipe their derrière ever again:

    spider on toilet paper

    4. The person whose candle absolutely erupted all over their television:

    Candle wax on a television set

    5. The person who found probably one of the worst notes you can find inside their hotel room:

    note reading if you're reading this they didn't change the sheets

    6. The person who will forever be trapped on their roof after their ladder fell:

    A tipped-over ladder with text saying, "Oh no."

    7. The person who found the magical flying pizza slice:

    pizza being held together by a hair

    8. The person who's been seasoning their food with a healthy heap of dust:

    A kitchen with a ceiling vent and a stove top circled

    9. The person whose iPhone broke in a way previously thought impossible:

    broken phone

    10. The person who might have forgotten something in Australia:

    airpod left in australia

    11. The person whose child created these extremely cursed noodles:

    burnt noodles

    12. The person who is quite literally living a nightmare:

    a freshman saying he can't find his class and discovering he's at the wrong school

    13. The person who made that classic mistake of buying plates that will kill you if you eat off them:

    A plate that says "may poison food"

    14. The person who bought a $120 iPhone and got...this:

    broken phone

    15. The two people who have probably the worst Scrabble luck I have ever seen:

    People showing their Scrabble letters

    16. The person who is now, for the foreseeable future, livin' on BUG TIME:

    roach in clock

    17. The person who got hooked like a bath towel like a dang halibut:

    nose ring hooked on a towel

    18. The person with the driest pasta I have ever laid my eyes on:

    dry pasta

    19. The person who might have created a new life-form after leaving this in their car:

    gross milk

    20. The person whose cheeseburger was more like a cheese (singular) burger:

    burger with one string of cheese

    21. The person who was bested by a little tiny ball:

    ball inside headphone jack

    22. The person who is pioneering the art of extremely slow cooking:

    An unplugged slow cooker

    23. The person whose pressure cooker might have a couple issues with it:

    pressure cooker explosion

    24. The person who is eatin' good at the dang rabbit conference:

    bed of lettuce

    25. The person who got absolutely jacked up on Tylenol:

    two tylenol bottles, one with caffeine

    26. The person who dropped their beautiful work of art and had it turn into...this:

    smooshed art

    27. The person who gave their boy a heapin' helpin' of beef broth:

    person who mixed up beef broth and milk because the containers look similar

    28. The person who spilled tea all over right before an important presentation:

    29. The person who's having trouble with their hands melting off while doing dishes:

    hot sink water

    30. The person who went into the bathroom and found this on their precious little toothbrush:

    roach on toothbrush

    31. The person who will hoop their hula no more:

    hula hoop with a wire run through it

    32. The person whose cat will forever be etched in concrete:

    concrete with cat prints

    33. The person whose nutcracker became the very thing they hated...the Nutcracked:

    A broken nutcracker

    34. The person with the luckiest toilet in town:

    ladybugs everywhere

    35. The person who was lucky enough to get to watch their movie with Smell-O-Vision:

    someone sticking their bare feet all over the place in a theatre

    36. The person who might just wanna keep some citronella on hand for the foreseeable future:

    swolen hand

    37. The person whose haircut is juuuuust a bit askew:

    bad haircut

    38. The person whose backyard dog-poop situation is reminiscent of the dang fields of Verdun:

    dog poop next to flags

    39. The person whose ribs would be an absolute smash hit if only they were cooking for Beelzebub:

    burnt ribs

    40. The person whose neighbor was nice enough to give their light a nice little bubble bath:

    soapy light

    41. The person who got a little extra protein with their big ol' hunka corn:

    worm coming out fo corn

    42. The person whose phone should finally be usable in a short 72-day period:

    "Full in 72 days"

    43. The person who might wanna grab the Dyson real quick:

    spilled wheelbarrow

    44. The person who cooked a delicious goop with their brand-new pizza stone:

    A plate of a bunch of badly mixed food

    45. This person who loves their cat very much, I'm sure:

    cat who bit a laptop

    46. The person who just harvested this absolutely massive watermelon:

    tiny melon

    47. The person who had this extremely tragic series of events happen to them:

    scooter in cement

    48. The person who had this tragedy happen to them:

    cake missing frosting

    49. The person who is for sure getting all their essential vitamins and minerals after finding this in their takeout:

    nail in chinese food

    50. And the person whose friend did the one thing a friend should never do — jump on their trombone:

    broken trombone