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    18 People Who Have 100% Definitely Found Their Soulmate In Life


    1. Romance is about finding beauty in the little things:

    2. It's about those acts of kindness:

    3. And it's about those surprise encounters:

    4. Romance is all about being prepared:

    5. It's about those sweet goodnights:

    6. And it's about those tender messages of love:

    7. Romance is all about discovery:

    8. It's about promises:

    9. And it's about sacrificing for each other:

    10. Romance is all about those messages of love:

    11. It's about getting rid of those headaches:

    12. And it's about keeping it interesting:

    13. Romance is about giving a little extra attention:

    14. It's about being together:

    15. And it's about the little things:

    16. Romance is about appreciation:

    17. It's about being a beacon of light for your S.O.:

    18. But mostly it's about this lady's reaction: