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    19 Reasons Why Robots Aren't Going To Take Over The World Anytime Soon

    We're safe. For now.

    1. They're terrible at making entrances:

    2. They can't even make a proper lunch.

    3. They're always getting sick.

    4. They can't even feed themselves.

    5. All they do is wobble.

    6. They've got too much of a short temper.

    7. The worst they can do is give you a trash shower.

    8. They can't even keep themselves going.

    9. They'll never make it up a staircase.

    10. They don't know who their real enemy is.

    11. They'll never win the World Cup.

    12. They don't appreciate the spirit of Christmas.

    13. They have an intense, unexplained hatred of cookies.

    14. They can't lift anything.

    15. They can never function properly.

    16. They can't do anything right.

    17. They've all got drug problems.

    18. They're always falling apart.

    19. Oh, and have I mentioned they're suicidal?