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The 45 Absolute Best And Most Devastating Roasts People Received Online In 2021

Got 'emmmmm.

1. On bacteria:

person who says some anti-vax nonsense and someone responds your teacher always handed your tests back to you face down

2. On shopping:

person who says they won't wear a mask and someone responds says a lot about your face

3. On the Bible:

person who says sex is for marriage and someone responds sorry didn't you have a kid out of wedlock

4. On cafés:

person who says everyone in cafés is below them and then someone says judging by this comment literally nobody is below you

5. On genes:

person who says they wonder if they're related to their ancestors

6. On shots:

personn who saays they identify as vaccinated and someone says you iidentifiied as a dumbass

7. On pronouns:

person who says they don't use pronouns besides me, which is a pronoun

8. On Mars:

someone asking why there are no nighttime photos from the Mars rover and someone responds with a black square

9. On cellphones:

tweet about someone getting mad homeless people have phones

10. On taxes:

person who doesn't understand how taxes work

11. On trees:

personn who says food doesn't grow on trees aand someone responds it quiite literally does

12. On Columbus Day:

someone saying they'll celebrate Columbus Day and a person responds what are you gonna do, get lost in the spice aisle

13. On the past:

Person who says the vaccine was made too quickly and it gets pointed out they ate a Tide pod in 2019

14. On shingles:

person who says they don't need to vaccinate because they've lived long enough and someone replies ive never been in an accident so we donnt need road law

15. On pigs:

person who says pigs are gross and someone responds so are the men youb ring home

16. On protesting:

person who says America was not started by protesters and the other person says you are aware of the Boston Tea Party

17. On bans:

person hoping for a marriage equality ban and someone says even if you ban homosexuality nobody is marrying you

18. On eyes:

person who says vaccinated people have a dead look in their eyes and someone responds does it happen when you start talking to them

19. On pricing:

person asking how much 2 dollar chips cost and someone says it probably takes you an hour and a half to watch 60 minutes

20. On losing:

person saying i'm trash and someone says you're recycling because trash is easily disposed and we are stuck with you

21. On DNA:

person who tells an anti-vaxxer if they think the vaccine will change their dna they should welcome it

22. On pigs:

person saying a pig's orgasm lasts 30 min and someone responds your wife is a lucky lady

23. On desperation:

24. On long-term effects:

person who says they are worried about long-term vaccine effects

25. On helmets:

person who refuses to wear a helmet

26. On sarcasm:

text exchange where someone says i hope you bed is always crooked

27. On NASA:

person who says i wouldn't trust nasa and they ciite nasa as their source as to why

28. On climate change:

29. On periods:

person who says rolling an ankle is worse than periods and someone responds i'm so glad girls don't have ankles

30. On the moon:

Person who asks if the moon is also flat if the Earth and stars are flat

31. On wealth:

person who says only poor people have big TVs and someone says rich people have theaters

32. On viruses:

Facebook post about someone citing a low virus death rate but they put all the zeroes in front of the decimal point

33. On unhappiness:

person who says there's no i in happyness then someone responds there is if you spell it right

34. On bodies:

tweet reading women be like don't objectify my body unless I want you to and someone responds look who just discovered consent

35. On teaching:

person saying they're not pro choice and then explains how they are actually pro choice

36. On rainbows:

person who says gays stole the rainbow from god

37. On percentages:

person who says Bernie should give away all his birthday cake for his birthday and  other person replies that's how birthdays work

38. On books:

person looking for a subscription service for books and someone says it's called the library

39. On shelter:

person who says homeless people don't deserve food

40. On IDs:

person who says the governement can track your face if you use face ID and the other person says have you heard of drivers' licenses

41. On houses:

person who doesn't understand why houses are so expensive

42. On spelling:

person getting mad about spelling mistakes but uses the wrong your

43. On sexuality:

person who uses the wrong there

44. On food:

shower thoughts post where someone says you're not eating you're just chewing and swallowing and someone says yeah that's called eating

45. And on waffle making:

person typing in all caps gets yelled at and calls the other person a bitch

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