19 Insane Fan Theories About Movies And TV That Will Blow Your Mind

    Some might make you roll your eyes... but some will blow your mind.

    1. Aladdin is actually set in the future:

    2. Snape's first words to Harry Potter:

    3. "Rugrats" never happened:

    From Stonge Cat:

    "None of the babies in "Rugrats" actually exist, but they are all instead figments of Angelica's imagination, as result of her parent's negligence.

    Chuckie died with his mother, which explains how much of a nervous wreck his father is.

    Tommy was a stillborn baby, which explains why his father, Stu, was always in the basement making toys for the son he never had.

    Finally, the DeVilles had an abortion. To compensate for not knowing the sex of the baby, Angelica invented twins in her head, one boy, one girl."

    4. “Samuari Jack” and “Powerpuff Girls” share the same universe:

    5. "Hercules" and "The Lion King" happened at the same time:

    6. Ferris Bueller is basically "Fight Club:"

    From Metafilter:

    One day while he's lying sick in bed, Cameron lets "Ferris" steal his father's car and take the day off, and as Cameron wanders around the city, all of his interactions with Ferris and Sloane, and all the impossible hijinks, are all just played out in his head. This is part of the reason why the "three" characters can see so much of Chicago in less than one day — Cameron is alone, just imagining it all.

    Ferris Bueller, the person, is just a figment of Cameron's imagination, like Tyler Durden, and Sloane is the girl Cameron secretly loves.

    7. Why is Ash always ten years old?

    8. All the characters on "Spongebob" are mutants:

    Spongebob and all his friends are the product radiation from atomic testing during the '40s and '50s on the Bikini Atoll. They live underneath the area, explaining the name "Bikini Bottom."

    9. Rowling's real horcruxes:

    10. "The Walking Dead" is basically "Toy Story:"

    11. Foster's home for imaginary young friends:

    12. "James Bond" is actually a code-name:

    Bond is not just one person. "James Bond" is as much a codename as "007." This makes sense, and allows several actors to play the James Bond.

    13. Agent Smith is The One:

    From 4chan's TV/Film board:

    ">Zion is destroyed six times.

    >Six agents shown throughout the series.

    >Smith, "I hate this place"

    >Smith able to break the rules of the matrix like Neo

    >Each matrix program produced "the one" who would try to resist and break the system down.

    >The matrix converted these special people into agents.

    >Smith was the first "one" and went insane during six matrixes making him lash out against the machines and try to kill Morpheous. He was also the most emotional out of all the machines who were usually emotionless.

    >He was able to come into the real world through a phone, something that should be impossible because as a machine he isn't connected to a real body.

    >As a human made to believe he was a robot, he recognized Neo and worked with him to end the matrix."

    14. Doc is suicidal in “Back To The Future:"

    From redditor mcjesse:

    "Doc is suicidal during the scene where they test the time machine. Not only has he never tested the machine, but he says that most of his inventions have been failures.

    Because of this he not only drives the Delorian towards himself, but grabs onto Marty so he cannot run away.

    If his invention failed, they would have both died. Which is exactly what Doc wanted."

    15. Courage is just a dog:

    16. The ending to "Inception:"

    17. Super Mario was all a show:

    18. All Tim Burton's movies are the same movie:

    19. The Fresh Prince is dead: