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    25 Ways Working In Customer Service Completely And Totally Changes You For Life

    For the best.

    1. It makes your brain do funny things:

    2. It completely changes your understanding of time:

    3. It makes you a master storyteller:

    4. It makes you hate like you've never hated before:

    5. It makes you avoid things you once loved:

    6. It makes you realize how little self-awareness people have:

    7. Like, none:

    8. It makes you live in the moment:

    9. It makes you realize how dumb 99% of people are:

    10. Like, the dumbest of the dumb:

    11. It makes you see the evil in old people:

    12. Truly evil:

    13. It makes you question how your brain works:

    14. It makes you see how good an actor everyone is:

    15. It teaches you how to become a perfect listener:

    16. Like, zero self-awareness:

    17. It makes you a master of the Fake Laugh:

    18. It makes you appreciate true comedy:

    19. It makes you dead inside, but in a positive way:

    20. It makes you realize how truly stupid some people can be:

    21. Like, there's nothing going on up there:

    22. It grants you an entirely new skillset:

    23. It makes you a master mathematician:

    24. It makes you hear excuses you never thought existed:

    25. But, more than anything else, it teaches you how to be a good freaking person: