28 Pictures That Will Guarantee You’ll Finally Die Happy


Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Breathe in deeply and look at this perfect fit:

2. Now look at this perfect scoop:

3. Look at this shadow. LOOK AT IT:

5. It’s so beautiful.

6. It’s…magnificent.



9. That’s the good stuff.

10. I want to pet these pancakes:

14. Look at this lake. I want to marry this lake. I want to be on House Hunters International with this lake.

Mymajesticmoose / Via reddit.com

15. It’s so relaxing:

17. It’s gorgeous:

23. I never knew I could love forks so much.

24. Or checkmarks. I love you, you perfect little checkmark.

25. Never change, table.

28. Sometimes everything works out.

Now exhale.

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