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    If You Ate Any Of These 32 Foods, You Had An Awesome Childhood

    Oh they were so, so delicious.

    If you remember eating...

    1. The best food the lunchroom had to offer:

    2. Glorious, glorious Dunk-A-Roos:

    3. The white shark bites... OH! The white shark bites:

    4. The alpha and the omega of Altoids, Altoid Sours:

    5. The divine combination of french toast and crunch:

    6. All the fruit you'd ever need:

    7. The most delicious dirt in the world:

    8. The world's best granola bar:

    9. The most colorful popsicle known to humankind:

    10. The greatest gummy snacks ever invented:

    11. The most delicious gum in the game... for the 30 seconds it lasted:

    12. Literal baby bottle pops:

    13. A foot of fruit:

    14. Oreo cereal... my sweet Oreo cereal:

    15. Sweet, beautiful cream-savers:

    16. Mother Nature's greatest gift, Squeeze-Its:

    17. Fruit thangs:

    18. Literal chocolate chips:

    19. Lollipop goop:

    20. L'il bit of those gushies:

    21. Sweet baby push-up pops:

    22. That powdered fruit:

    23. A jug fullah gum:

    24. The best part of elementary school:

    25. The world's most natural/delicious liquid substance:

    26. All those sodas of yore:

    27. The candy every single grandma had in their purse:

    28. Sweet, beautiful, gorgeous, precious Surge:

    29. Literally just sugar paper:

    30. The perfect combination of sherbet and cardboard flavors:

    31. All the joy of Reese's in spherical form:

    32. And these cook— wait, nevermind. No one has ever tasted these. It's always just sewing supplies:

    ... then you had a delicious childhood.