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    21 Ways People Are Saving The Planet That Are Cool As Fuck

    "Nice" - you after recycling.

    1. This recycling bin meant just for pizza boxes:

    2. And this one meant just for chopsticks:

    3. This recycling bin with a separate compartment for liquids:

    4. And these recycling bins where you can practice your jump shot:

    5. This pouch for cigarette butts:

    6. And this bin meant for the important questions in life:

    7. This recycling bin with a big ol' target:

    8. And this bin that lets you get a little hop in:

    9. This bin that shows you what goes where:

    10. And this one that lets you fully recycle a coffee cup:

    11. This subway station that lets you pay for tickets with plastic bottles:

    12. And this bin that feeds the animals:

    13. This recycling bin that has a "not sure" option:

    14. And this bin that lets you turn spoons into 3D objects:

    15. This recycling bin for gum:

    16. And this one for old flags:

    17. This recycling bin just for your old cards:

    18. And this one that makes you a brand new phone case:

    19. This box's dream:

    20. This recycling bin that really lets you know what exactly happens to unrecycled trash:

    21. And, finally, this bin that just shows you don't really need to do anything fancy: