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    23 Reasons Why The World Isn't Such A Bad Place After All

    It's all about karma.

    1. Because sometimes the people who try to cut you off in traffic get what's coming to them:

    2. And sometimes the prankster becomes the pranked:

    3. Because sometimes the little guy will come out on top:

    4. Because sometimes justice is blind:

    5. Like, really blind:

    6. And sometimes that a-hole that took up two parking spots will get what's coming to them:


    7. Because sometimes bullied signs stick up for themselves:

    8. And strike back:

    9. Because sometimes criminals get what's coming to them:

    10. Even if they're just trying to steal a hat:

    11. And sometimes thieves get caught and exposed:

    12. And sometimes poor sportsmanship is immediately penalized:

    13. Because sometimes people pick the wrong street to litter on:

    14. Or the wrong trash can to kick:

    15. Because sometimes karma catches up really fast:

    16. I mean, really fast:

    17. Because there are consequences for being that jerk at the pool:

    18. Or a jerk at the lake:

    19. Because sometimes your bad luck turns into good luck:

    20. Because sometimes momma duck has her revenge:

    21. And sometimes instant karma will get you, and get you fast:

    22. Because sometimes a roundhouse kick will come all the way around:

    23. And finally: Because this picture of Leonardo DiCaprio eating soup exists:


    The world is a much better place for it.

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