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42 Reasons Why Nicolas Cage Is The Greatest Actor Of Our Generation

Or ANY generation. CAGE IS KING.

1. He appreciates the finer things in life:

2. He once did mushrooms with his cat:

3. He may or may not be a vampire from the 1870s:

4. or Thor:

5. or the Virgin Mary:

6. or a British soldier during the War Of 1812:

7. or Spongebob:

8. or Mexican War Of Independence leader Miguel Hidalgo:

9. or a black man from the 1970's:

10. His HAIR:

11. He was once stalked by a mime:

12. He makes a great desktop background:

13. This somehow happened to him:

14. He looks suspiciously like an owl:

15. He has a pet octopus.

16. He has a tattoo of Woody the Woodpecker:

17. He'll help you wake up in the morning:

18. And he can help get you a job:

19. He isn't afraid to take what he wants:

20. He was originally every single member of the Avengers:

21. He once went crazy in Romania:

22. He can help teach you biology if you're in Serbia:


23. THE.


25. MAN.

26. And once more in spanish:

27. He bought, and plans to be buried in this pyramid tomb:

28. Mustache:

29. He got Johnny Depp his first acting gig:

30. He's everyone's favorite Pokemon:

31. His middle name is Kim.

32. And he takes his stage name from the superhero Luke Cage:

33. In fact, he loves comic books so much that his son's name is "Kal-El":

34. He gets really into his roles:

35. He combines to form Voltron:

36. He played a fry cook in "Fast Times At Ridgemont High":

37. He once gave a chameleon a cigarette:

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38. He once ate a cockroach - three times in a row:

39. This:

40. He looks great as a cholo:

41. Because, honestly, these movies:

42. And because of this picture: