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    27 Reasons Why Putting On A Helmet Is The Dumbest Thing You Can Do

    They're totally useless.

    1. What's the use in wearing a helmet?

    2. There's seriously no point:

    3. Would much rather have my head look like this:

    4. Who doesn't want their head to have two giant gashes in it?

    5. Yup, just not seeing the point:

    6. I doubt they even work:

    7. They're completely useless:

    8. I, for one, think my face would look great with some pavement scratches running up and down it:

    9. All they do is make you look dumb:

    10. This would look much better on a face:

    11. Who needs a jaw anyway?

    12. Can't see a reason to wear one at all:

    13. Wow. Falling on the pavement ruined a perfectly good helmet:

    14. Nope, can't see a reason at all to wear a helmet:

    15. None at all:

    16. Always thought my head could use a giant crack in it:

    17. Perhaps a giant dent:

    18. I'd rather have my entire head cover in scars:

    19. Completely useless device:

    20. Miss me with that:

    21. I always wanted my head to look like this:

    22. Why anyone would wear one is beyond me:

    23. Seems like a big waste of money:

    24. Won't ever catch me in one of these money-sucks:

    25. I mean, what's the point?

    26. I mean, come on:

    27. Helmets are so dumb.