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26 People Who Have Clearly Never Read A Map In Their Lives

Maps: fun for the whole family!

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1. First things first: No.

2. Probably the shortest drive you'll ever make.

3. That is 100% not what Asia looks like.

4. Love traveling outside of the U.S. to New York!!!

5. Almost had it...


6. Her history teacher would be so proud.


7. Someone tell her that Google exists.

8. One track mind.

9. Great question.

10. If only...

11. That's not the right country.

12. Sigh.


13. I don't even know where to begin with this one.

14. .............

15. That's not North Carolina ...

16. Nailed it.

17. This person clearly needs to just Google it.

18. I think he answered his own question.

19. Looks like they should retake that Geography class.

20. Who wants to tell her?

21. Yeah! Move to another state inside the United States. That'll show them.

22. No, no one thought that.

23. Again, another state. Maybe next time.

24. Looks EXACTLY like New Jersey.

25. We should really pay more attention to what is happening in Niagara Falls.

26. In conclusion...



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