If None Of These Extremely Dumb Pictures Make You Laugh, Nothing Will

    Why am I laughing???

    1. Microscope views:

    2. Reopening problems:

    3. Status checks:

    4. Puppet sightings:

    5. A friendly joker:

    6. Italian names:

    7. The world's most suggestive gas station:

    8. Tasteful DMs:

    9. Serious business:

    my boss turned herself into a potato on our Microsoft teams meeting and can’t figure out how to turn the setting off, so she was just stuck like this the entire meeting

    10. Financial planning:

    11. Rhyme battles:

    12. Language summed up:

    13. Phone settings:

    14. A very cheesy laptop:

    15. Pepsi's other use:

    16. The legend of Michael:

    17. Technically correct answers:

    18. Brains in a nutshell:

    19. Shelly's world:

    20. The perfect time for a selfie:

    21. Crab history:

    22. Old timey illnesses:

    23. The transition through time:

    24. The birth of a legend:

    25. The important distinction:

    26. Cold-blooded murder:

    27. Saved phones:

    28. Test:

    29. The perfect sized battery:

    30. The ultimate origin story:

    31. The hardest challenge:

    32. And the most devastating thing around: