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    28 Extremely Random Names And Faces That Definitely Haven't Crossed Your Mind In, Like, 15 Years

    They're buried somewhere deep in your brain.

    1. "Pierre Escargot":


    AKA the Frenchman who taught you everything you needed to know about the Parisian lifestyle.

    2. "Stuart":


    AKA the boy who taught you to never be afraid to show people what you can do.

    3. "Prometheus and Bob":

    Twitter: @UrHinss29

    AKA the original dynamic duo.

    4. "Stick Stickly":


    AKA the world's first and ONLY Popsicle-stick host.

    5. "Wishbone":

    AKA a very good dog.

    6. "Miss Viola Swamp":

    Houghton Mifflin

    AKA probably the meanest person in the entire world.

    7. "Mr. Dink":


    AKA the model next-door neighbor.

    8. "Miss Cleo":

    AKA your first interaction with the paranormal.

    9. "Olmec":

    Twitter: @ShadowKilla319

    AKA the rock with the deepest voice in rock history.

    10. "Ernest":

    Emshell Producers

    AKA the guy who's constantly getting scared stupid.

    11. "Numa Numa Guy":

    AKA the person who taught you what a REAL dance looks like.

    12. "Frog and Toad":

    AKA the duo that taught you, you know what? Sometimes you gotta eat too many cookies.

    13. "Rolie Polie Olie":


    AKA the greatest Olie of all time.

    14. "Randall Weems":


    AKA the inspiration for the word "snitch."

    15. "Bruce Bogtrotter":

    Jersey Films

    AKA the kid who ate all that cake in Matilda.

    16. "Mr. Owl":

    Tootsie Roll

    AKA the animal who couldn't just let that kid enjoy his lollipop.

    17. "Amby & Dexter":

    AKA the video that's been hidden away in the deepest crevices of your memory.

    18. "Henry and June":


    AKA the enterprising hosts of KaBlam!

    19. "Muzzy":


    AKA the giant monster that taught you Spanish in 30-second commercials.

    20. "Kenny and Vic":


    AKA the powerful hosts of MXC.

    21. "Paul":

    DNA productions

    AKA that friendly three-eyed monkey.

    22. That terrifying Honeycomb mascot:

    AKA the beast who always screamed, "ME WANT HONEYCOMB!"

    23. "Pappy Drewitt":

    AKA the indie Bob Ross.

    24. "Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond":


    AKA the two responsible for all your claymation nightmares.

    25. "Large Marge":

    AKA the person who still haunts your dreams.

    26. "Artie, the Strongest Man in the World":


    AKA, you know, the strongest man in the world.

    27. "Freakazoid":


    AKA Deadpool for kids.

    28. And "Face":


    AKA a big, giant face.