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    Posted on Mar 19, 2017

    26 RAs That Are So Extra It's Actually Really Endearing

    So much creativity.

    1. This perfect bulletin board:

    2. This Pokemon themed advice:

    3. This scarily accurate representation of a college student's real goals:

    4. This very important safety lesson:

    5. This bad and boujee reminder:

    6. This sick rhyme:

    7. This mandatory reminder:

    8. Taco Tuesdays and safe sex combined all into one:

    9. This incredible, edible pun:

    10. This sage advice:

    11. This life lesson:

    12. This very informative reptile display:

    13. This greeting from one of the world's most special angels:

    14. This notice about tuggin' Reggie:

    15. This salty display:

    16. This Nicki Minaj mashup:

    17. This very topical board:

    18. This "Where Am I" board that's a little too honest:

    19. This spellbinding display:

    20. This message of inspiration:

    21. This reminder of the best way to measure your feelings:

    22. This nursery rhyme:

    23. This Miley themed board:

    24. This spectacular use of a Kermit meme:

    25. This so bad yet so good pun:

    26. And this reminder that some times you just need some space:

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