This Somehow Exists: A Full Length Rage Comic Book


1. This is the cover page of “Rage Comics” by M. Gusto:

2. This is the table of contents:

3. Excuse me, “LE CONTENT:”

4. It includes rage comics like “Pokemon or Me?,” “Smooch Test,” “Not My Shower,” “Blueberry People,” and “Poop In My Boner.”

5. Here’s the Amazon page, where it’s available for $9:

The description:

This book is creator approved. 150 Rage Comics in glorious paperback. This is a collection arranged bound and assembled with some of best and funniest representations of them. A great gift or book for your comic collection.

7. A look inside:

The joke here is that he assaults her with a book by hitting her in the face, thus “Facebook.”

The joke here is that he is masturbating when he looks at something that is clearly not erotic, nor appropriate (by most people’s standards) to masturbate to.

The joke here is that onions are gross, but candy is delicious.

10. And don’t worry, there are sequels:

12. Here are some FIVE STAR reviews of the collection:

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