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The 33 Greatest Mysteries On "Breaking Bad"


1. Is this what Gale wrote on the next page of the book of poetry?

2. Was this Todd's nickname in high school?

3. Is this how the series is going to end?

4. Or is this how the show ends?

5. Or like this?

6. And is this what Saul really saw?

7. Is Tupac also living in Belize?

8. When will Walt Jr. form this club?

9. And can Walt Jr. predict the future?

Speaking of which, who will win this epic battle?

10. Did Hank kill Mufasa?

11. Will Lydia make a pun like this?

12. What if the show was just about Walt Jr. learning how to drive?

13. Is this going to be the moral of the story?

14. Was this why Jesse was so disturbed by this picture?

15. Is Todd the perfect man?

16. Why does young George Clooney look so much like Walt Jr.?

17. Will Jesse escape by going undercover as Weird Al?

18. Are three Gomeys better than one?

19. What if the show took place in Canada?

20. Is the show's hairstylist the highest-paid crew member?

21. Is this what Badger is up to nowadays?

22. Will we finally get a moment of silence for our long-lost brothers and sisters next episode?

23. Will Skylar give up her dream of becoming a stand-up comic?

24. Did Jesse learn how to react to things on The Price Is Right?

25. IS GOMEZ ALIVE?!?!??!?!

26. Is Todd the next James Bond?

27. Would this scene have been better or worse at a laser tag arena?

28. Does Mexico have a slight yellow tint to it in real life?

29. Is this really what Hank was so mad about?

30. Will Bogdon become a spokesperson for high speed online?

31. Would everything have been different if Walter White had been played by a cat?

32. Will Jesse's hair look like this after all the months that have passed?

33. And will the pizza man ever get his revenge?