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33 Pictures You Need To Send To Someone Who Loves Puns

Puns 4 days.

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1. Ross' pasttime:

2. The most heinous landscaping company:

3. The only number you should have in your phone:

4. The passing of a true hero:

5. The hero we deserve:

6. Walt's dream come true:

7. The world's most professional Subway:

8. The most relatable vegan:

9. The worst kind of intolerance:

10. The world's greatest news caption:

11. This no B.S. vet:

12. The littlest thyme in the world:

13. Existential mattresses:

14. The plan for a 53rd state:

15. Everyone's favorite nursery rhyme:

16. The close link between these two nations:

17. Michael Jackson's most powerful lyric:

18. A little magic:


20. The perfect line:

21. A little bit of control:

22. The most blessed toilet:

23. Tacky violence:

24. The pirate's alphabet:

Warner Brothers

25. The mailman's vacation:

26. NASA's greatest accomplishment:

27. The angle measuring tool:

28. Well wishes:

29. Dinner at the library:

30. The best kind of snake:

31. The crushed grape:

32. The world's freest carrot:

33. The world's holiest day:

And if you think puns will slow down anytime soon, I've got good news:

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