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24 Pictures Only People Who Love Puns Will Think Are Funny

These puns will teach you how to love again.

1. The duality of Daniel:


2. Parsley, sage, rosemary, and...

3. This cat's beautiful new features:

4. Civil War jokes:

5. Perfect vision:

Yik Yak

6. Gandalf the yellow:

7. This hot new style:

8. This classic film:

9. The ultimate farmer pun:

10. The nude carrot:

11. Will Smith's finest achievement:

12. The perfect hiding spot:

13. This horrifying combo:

14. This dramatic relationship:

15. Faulty machinery:

16. Dad's shock:

17. Donald Trump's finest achievement:

18. The best day of the year:

19. Best part of the day:

20. The beautiful bond of holy macaroni:

21. Scandalous pics:

22. Classism:

23. Coral worries:

24. And the scariest pun ever:



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