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32 Reasons Old People Need To Be Protected At All Costs

They're the best.

1. They're great with technology:

2. Great with pranks:

3. And great with pets:

4. They know the importance of a good T-shirt:

5. And the importance of a good dog:

6. They're patient:

7. Great artists:

8. And great partiers:

9. They just GET the internet:

10. They're master texters:

11. And, honestly, they're not that old anyway:

12. They have a knack for capturing special moments:

13. And making them even more special:

14. Or just making their own:

15. They'll get you back:

16. They always speak their mind:

17. And they don't take nothin' from nobody:

18. They're dancing experts:

19. Kitten-holding experts:

20. And masters of the perfect expression:

21. They care about each other:

22. Care about their neighborhood:

23. And they just plain care:

24. They have impeccable fashion sense:

25. Know exactly what you need:

26. And aren't afraid to experiment:

27. And, like I said, are masters of technology:

28. They're always keeping a positive attitude:

29. They're always looking to have fun:

30. Always keeping others in their thoughts:

31. Always wearing the perfect thing:

32. And always making you go, "I love old people":