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26 Of The Most Dangerous Things Pit Bulls Did In 2015

They're just so dangerous.

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1. Pit bulls wreaked more havoc on the world than ever in 2015:

2. They terrorized our nation's turtles:

3. Viciously attacked our nation's stuffed animals:

4. And made a MOCKERY of our nation's selfies:

5. Yes, there's no denying how terrifying pit bulls were in 2015:

6. Just look here — brings a chill to my spine:

7. This poor child:

8. This poor cat:

9. This poor chick:

10. Pit bulls spent the year being the WORST backseat drivers:

11. Taunting us:

12. And, frankly, giving way too many kisses:

13. I mean, look at how terrified this child is!

14. RUN!!!!!!!!

15. How can we allow such vicious animals to be pets?

16. How can we allow such adorable high-fives?

17. Have we lost our minds!?!?

18. Who, besides literally everyone with a heart, wants to see pit bulls get married?

Bonded Pit Bulls Had An Almost 0% Chance At Adoption, But Now They’re Hitched

19. Or wear sunglasses?

20. Look at this face — this is the face of DANGER:

Candice Miller / Via

21. AHHHHHH!!!!!

22. Just listen to this terrifying bark:

23. We cannot allow this to go on any longer:

24. We as a society have a duty — we must stop this MADNESS!!!

25. It's simply insane:

26. Why would you ever want a dog as terrifying as this?

Via Facebook: diamondthedivadog


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