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    20 Completely Right And 100% Correct Ways To Pronounce Words

    It's really simple stuff, people.

    1. Pirates:

    what if “pirates” was pronounced like “pilates?”

    2. Yikes:

    what if yikes was pronounced like nikes

    3. Chaperone:

    i’m saying it again what if people pronounced chaperone like pepperoni

    4. Wallet:

    what if wallet was pronounced like ballet

    5. Baseline:

    What if we pronounced baseline the same way we pronounce vaseline. Just what if

    6. Pineapples:

    Pineapples but pronounced like Minneapolis

    7. Cologne:

    What if cologne was pronounced like bologna?

    8. Waffle:

    What if we pronounced "waffle" like we did "raffle" ?

    9. Aristotle:

    What if we pronounced aristotle the way we pronounced chipotle

    10. Antelope:

    what if antelope was pronounced the way penelope is or vice versa

    11. Daughter:

    what if daughter was pronounced like laughter

    12. Dwayne:

    i can’t stop thinking what if dwayne was pronounced like kanye

    13. Female:

    what if you pronounced female like tamale

    14. The Incredibles:

    what if the incredibles was pronounced like le miserables

    15. Banana:

    what if banana was pronounced like bañana . really makes u think.

    16. Ballerina:

    What if we pronounced the first two syllables of ballerina like "baller" instead

    17. Comfortable:

    what if i start pronouncing comfortable like convertible

    18. Guacamole:

    imagine if guacamole was pronounced like a whack a mole

    19. Adobe:

    what if “abode” and “adobe” were pronounced the same way 🤔

    20. And, finally, 11:

    What if 11 was pronounced onety-one