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22 Pictures That Will Straight-Up FUCK You Up


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1. What Thomas REALLY is:

2. What balloons REALLY are:

3. Volume control:

4. Crispy times:

5. DJ Library:

6. Short language:

7. What if...

8. Goofy's dumb accent:

9. Discontentment over content:

10. All the answers at once:

11. A-round squares:

12. The saddest fact of all time:

13. The last visits:

14. What's on the inside that counts:

15. Meows around the world:

16. Rhymin' Simon:

17. Upside-down swimmin':

18. The shocking realization:

19. Dumb old English:

20. Lil' cute h:

21. What farts REALLY are:

22. And what Toy Story is really about:

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