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33 Pictures That Will Make You Proud To Be A Human Being Again

Most days it can be a little tough to be a human. Let's make today a little different.

1. This must-have giveaway:

2. The best sign you could ever see:

3. Two twins sharing some love:

4. This easy, day-making random act of quarter kindness:

5. When a 14-year-old boy whose mother was undergoing chemotherapy made this message in the snow to brighten her spirits:

6. This little boy meeting his hero:

7. This girl's birthday party:

8. This public apology:

9. This extra-special delivery:

10. A town coming together to sing:

11. This touching memorial:

12. This man's message:

13. The story of Bagel Jesus, the man who saves old bagels from work and distributes them to the hungry on the street:

14. Nate’s dad’s note:

15. An NBA athlete giving his warm-ups to a child with special needs:

16. The ultimate challenge:

17. The best chauffeur in the world:

18. And this random act of kindness:

19. Kyle's story:

20. This important notice:

21. This kid giving up his big prize:

22. Friendship finding a way:

23. This kid's dream coming true:

24. These two girls doing whatever they can to help:

25. The best graduation gift ever:

26. The man who reads every day at lunch to a man who cannot read:

27. The oldest little kids in the world:

28. Dobri Dobrev's story:

29. This conversation:

30. This important correction:

31. An older woman doing whatever she can to help:

32. A 36-year-old man's parents remembering the day he created as a child:

33. And this very, very important news report: