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    Sorry, But It's Actually Physically Impossible Not To Laugh At Any Of These 32 Pictures

    I guarantee it.

    1. That delicious treat:

    cookies for sale reading coocie / Via u/augustus1608

    2. The newest Pokemon:

    cinnamon labeled cinmon / Via u/rivieragrl

    3. The only room worth visiting:

    restroom sign reading pestpoom / Via u/omegaweeb69420

    4. My man Fred:

    buffett item reading fred dumplings / Via u/5ive22

    5. Everyone's favorite grocery section:

    meat section that reads schmeat / Via u/hargreaves

    6. Important documents:

    a bunch of forms labeled missle anus forms / Via u/unholykiller

    7. Your favorite vegetable:

    buffet item reading corns

    8. A prize worth playing for:

    picture of gum balls reading assort gumble / Via u/tsaar21

    9. A relish with a dangerous past:

    sandwich reading roast beef and criminalized relish

    10. A kitchen essential:

    picture of a microwave reading michael wave

    11. The delicious place to eat:

    burger king sign with the second r out that says burge

    12. The best bagel topping:

    cream cheese label reading cheem creams / Via u/Jordan311R

    13. The only instrument worth playing:

    banjo for sale listed as bango

    14. The Big Three:

    internet pulldown reading please select gender male female venezuela / Via u/donneedanko

    15. That aquatic delicacy:

    picture of shrimp reading shimp / Via u/sbobble430

    16. A gentle reminder:

    sign reading please wear a mask and use the hand fertilizer / Via u/Administrator-Reddit

    17. The official petition:

    tumblr post reading petition to remove the d from wednesday and someone replies wednesay

    18. An old friend:

    picture of a lobster reading lober / Via u/ShoeTIER_16

    19. An important question:

    tumblr post of a certification reading are you years or older yes no and remember

    20. An important notice:

    sign on a pot that read this item is reduced due to misspelling of the word bird and it says brid / Via u/darkridoom

    21. The Chut:

    ketchup labeled kepchut

    22. A breakfast staple:

    cereals labeled cearls

    23. A message from the greats:

    tony hawk saying text me and then a text reading hey tony what's up skamtebord

    24. An absolute steal:

    trampoline for sale reading trampling

    25. The best time:

    waffle snapchat reading wall fell time / Via u/plasma_can

    26. A trip to the depot:

    tumblr post reading i go to home depot i eat the tools crumch

    27. Those lovely green stalks:

    asparagus labeled sparagos

    28. A place to relax:

    chair for sale reading rocking cheer

    29. Some inconvenience:

    sign reading sorry for the inconvenience equipment mouth function

    30. Mystical workout gear:

    facebook sale of dumbbells that reads dumbles / Via u/av_23

    31. A ruthless pun-off:

    people making puns about food

    32. And He:

    tumblr post reading friendly reminder that he with a picture of an animal

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