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33 Pictures That Should Be Left In The '90s

Some things about the '90s should just be forgotten.

1. Aaron Carter wearing a suit made out of coats and weird, mutant clogs:

2. Joey Lawrence dressed as a shitty genie:

And Destiny's Child dressed as even shittier genies:

3. Celine Dion getting ready for her Target interview:

4. Will Smith dressed as a cool bumblebee and getting a little TOO jiggy with it:

5. Jessica Simpson trapped in an insane asylum:

6. The Fugees getting ready to go for a group ski outing:

7. Keanu Reeves showing off his leg hair:

8. 98 Degrees getting ready to play football inside a department store with one of those guys who probably goes swimming with a shirt on:

9. NSYNC looking like the way a 4-year-old would dress for the club:

10. And Woody Harrelson and Glenn Close also channeling a 4-year-old:

11. Daniel Craig looking exceptionally creepy with long hair:

12. Joseph Gordon-Levitt with pigtails playing with action figures in a shirt probably made from his grandparents' couch:

13. Sarah Jessica Parker about to accidentally sit on a water bottle:

14. Robert Downey Jr. coming to us from the future to warn us about how we should probably just end the world now:

15. And Robert Downey Jr. struggling to hold his pants together:

16. Mario Lopez wearing his sister's dance clothes:

17. Stephen Baldwin probably dressing how Stephen Baldwin normally dresses:

18. Christina Aguilera with suspicious looking cornrows/braids:

19. The members of No Doubt realizing that only Gwen Stefani brought clothes on tour and then having to share her wardrobe:

20. Brad Pitt captured at the exact moment he realizes how stupid he looks:

21. Eric Bana presenting you with a flower:

22. Chris Kirkpatrick unable to realize how clothes work:

23. George Clooney wearing a Canadian tuxedo and Connie Sellecca holding a baby (or giant loaf of bread) that's about four times too big:

24. Mark Wahlberg making this face:

25. Tiffani-Amber Thiessen thinking a hat is clothes AGAIN:

26. Alfonso Ribeiro about to ask you what you want to order:

27. 98 Degrees dressed as confused plumbers:

28. TLC wearing overalls with condoms stuck all over them. There's no joke here, this is too insane:

29. Neil Patrick Harris apparently winning first prize at the mullet competition or something:

30. Jennifer Aniston as a confused mom:

31. Nick Carter attempting to seduce/terrify you:

32. Mila Kunis having a bad acid trip:

33. And pretty much every single picture taken of Justin Timberlake: