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23 Pictures That Really Need To Be Deleted From The Internet


1. This sexy pumpkin:

This sexy carrot:

And this sexy H2O:

2. Big Foot and his fat ass:

3. Cat Buscemi:

4. Ted Sheeran:

5. This astute observation:

6. This.... this:

7. This question that should never have been asked:

8. Aladdin's secret:

9. Nic Cage + a LEGO man:

10. This Google search:

11. Donald Trump's alter ego:

12. This touching wish:

13. This all purpose tool:

14. This lack of toast:

15. This lustful couch:

16. The world's most insane Jimmy Neutron meme:

17. Bruce gettin' in there:

18. Vape selfies from hell:

19. This comment:

20. The illustration from Hank Hell:

21. Bone apple tea:

22. The most romantic tweet of all time:

23. And Squidward in real life: