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    19 Pictures That Will Make You Say "Same"

    That's life, man.

    1. Life is this Pop-Tart:

    2. It's this chia pet:

    3. And it's especially this cookie:

    4. Life is this chair:

    5. It's this lollipop:

    6. And this dress:

    7. Life is this carrot:

    8. It's this pair of shoes:

    9. It's this monstrosity:

    10. And it's this stuffed bear:

    11. Life is this facemask:

    12. It's this watermelon:

    13. And it's this corgi's rear-end:

    14. Life is this sandwich:

    15. It's this gown:

    16. And it's Pikachu:

    17. Life is this snowman:

    18. This ice cream:

    19. But, most of all, life is this smiley fry: