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32 Things Everyone Has Done But Will Never, Ever Admit


1. Pretended to be looking at something in the grocery store:

2. Had an anxiety attack while trying to put change away:

3. Lost all trust when it came to the remote:

4. Spent a little too much time thinking about shipping:

5. Made this face:

6. Spelled it like this:

7. Gave mental advice:

8. Held the remote like this as if it helps:

9. Acted a little too innocent:

10. Made plans knowing there's NO WAY you're going:

11. Gone stalkin':

12. Had severe regrets about all those days of clear nostrils:

13. Come up with excuses instead of deleting pictures:

14. Turned down the music so you could see better:

15. Opened your eyes to combat the demons:

16. Hit repeat again and again and again:

17. Not picked up the phone because you were just trying to surf the dang web:

18. Done exact calculations of sleep:

19. Sat in this exact position before work:

20. That one laugh:

21. Tried to fit those episodes in:

22. Made sure...just in case:

23. Ate the paper:

24. Done the turn:

25. Refused to throw out your 70 shirts:

26. Done one healthy thing and all of a sudden became an expert:

27. Gave it a few clicks:

28. Lost all semblance of self after hearing a recording of yourself talking:

29. Ran upstairs at the speed of light:

30. Talked on the phone like this:

31. Thought death was near because of a cramp:

32. And responded to everything like this: