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    Updated on Jun 23, 2020. Posted on Jun 20, 2020

    19 Pictures Every Single Millennial Will Be Able To Hear For Absolutely No Reason

    My ears!!!

    1. The loudest sound known to humankind:


    2. The click of an iPod wheel:


    3. The most exciting eight words in the english language:

    4. That static-y sound:

    5. The sticky plastic-y sound of these chairs:

    6. That "ding" when the logo showed up:


    7. The crinkle of the inside of a VHS case:

    8. The click of the wheel before you took another picture:

    9. The clack this jump-rope made:

    10. The uncomfortable squeaky plastic-y sound of inflatable furniture:

    11. The dial-up tone followed by the robotic "you've got mail":


    12. The door opening and door closing sound effect of AIM:


    13. And that chime you heard when you got a message:

    14. "One, a two-HOO, ah-three":

    Tootsie Roll

    15. The peaceful tones of the Windows XP screen while logging in:

    16. The zzz-klack of these magnets:

    17. The fart noise these tapes made when you took them out or put them in:

    18. The high pitched click clack of Mr. Krabs walking:


    19. And this guy's unmistakable accent from Home Alone:

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