28 "Before And After Pictures" That Show The Terrifying Effects Of Climate Change

    It's obvious.

    Despite the clear and obvious threat we face from it, climate change can be difficult for a lot of folks to observe on a day to day basis. The process can be simultaneously slow in some places and blisteringly fast in others.

    Here are 28 pictures that show just how much damage has already been done:

    1. Pederson Glacier, Alaska then:

    2. Pedersen Glacier now:

    3. Coral reefs in American Somoa then:

    4. Coral reefs in American Somoa now:

    5. Northwestern Glacier, Alaska then:

    6. Northwestern Glacier now:

    7. Muir Glacier, Alaska then:

    8. Muir Glacier now:

    9. Carroll Glacier, Alaska then:


    10. Carroll Glacier now:

    11. Kangaroo Island, Australia then and now:

    12. Christmas Island coral then and now:

    13. McCarty Glacier, Alaska then:

    14. McCarty Glacier now:

    15. The Arctic then and now:

    16. Muir Glacier, Alaska then:

    17. Muir Glacier now:

    18. Manila, Philippines before and after quarantine:

    19. The Great Barrier Reef then and now:

    20. Okpilak Glacier, Alaska then:

    21. Okpilak Glacier now:

    22. Australia four weeks apart:

    23. The Cape Romano Dome House in Florida then and now:

    24. The Great Barrier Reef then and now:

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    25. Bear Glacier, Alaska then:

    26. Bear Glacier now:

    27. Coral around Lizard Island, Australia then:

    28. Coral around Lizard Island now: