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19 People Who Will Make You Feel Better About Your Complete Lack Of Athletic Ability

Who needs sports anyway?

1. At least you're not these dancers:


2. Or this basketball player who tried to give her teammate a leg up:

3. At least you're not in a fight with yourself:

4. Or about to get in one with your teammate:

5. At least you haven't made water your own worst enemy:

6. Or your pants an even worse enemy:

7. At least you know how your legs work:

8. Or how your arms work:

9. Or how running works:

10. At least you're not even thinking about trying to hit this golf ball:

11. Or thinking about hitting the slopes:

12. Or hitting this jump:

13. At least you still know how to jump:

14. Or at least you'd never think of jumping like this:

15. At least you aren't constantly worried about making this face:

16. Or worrying about your own safety in the gym:

17. At least your ineptitude hasn't been seen by thousands:

18. At least attempting a front flip has never crossed your mind:

19. Or even using a diving board has never crossed your mind:

Because, in the end, it's safer just to hug your laptop and stay indoors: