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35 People Who Spent A Toooooon Of Money On Something And Pretty Much Immediately Regretted It

Ouch, my wallet.

1. The person whose sandwich is, quite simply, an affront to all that's holy:

Person holding an $11 sandwich with just a tiny piece of meat and cheese

2. The person who either is the biggest human alive or just got a plate of the world's saddest wings:

A person holding a takeout container of fries and very small wings

3. The person whose perfume is one with the angels now:

A broken bottle of $120 perfume on the ground

4. The person whose large is more like...a smarge:

A small takeout beverage cup that's supposed to be a large

5. The person who is about to make the greatest teaspoon of soup you'll ever see:

A person holding a tiny pot, with caption, "Always double-check whatever you're buying online"

6. The person whose new pot is juuuuust a bit squished:

"This is how my new pot was delivered" with a person holding a squished pot

7. The person who'd better savor every last bite of that there meatball:

A takeout container of spaghetti with one meatball, with caption, "It was $10 extra for 'meatballs'"

8. The person whose package got nice and smooshed:

A flattened, dirty package that a delivery truck drove over

9. The person whose burrito might just be the saddest burrito my eyes have ever seen:

A very thin burrito

10. The person with the saddest sandwich I've ever seen:

A sandwich that's mostly lettuce and hardly any condiments, cheese, or meat

11. The person whose engagement ring shall engage no more:

A broken engagement ring in the palm of a hand

12. The person with the best seat in the house:

A pole blocking someone's view in a theater

13. The person who paid a fortune for nothing but foam:

"My $4 beer" showing a plastic cup of beer that's more than half foam

14. The person who should no longer handle any machinery:

"I got a new phone for Christmas and 15 minutes later I dropped it" with photo of cracked phone screen

15. The person whose tragedy sent chills down the backs of mall goths everywhere:

"Ouch," with close-up of a person's Doc Martens–type boots with a cracked thick platform sole

16. The person who was kind enough to share "Today's Top Hits" with Pennywise:

"Yup, that's my AirPod" caption with image of an AirPod that's fallen through a sewer grate

17. The person whose cat will be forever immortalized in their kitchen:

Cat paws in epoxy paint with caption "My car walked across my brand-new epoxy"

18. The person whose phone was destroyed to an almost comical degree:

"My phone got run over by a TRAIN" caption showing a phone cut in half with jagged edges

19. The person who got the greatest gift of all while online shopping:

A box with a piece of stone instead of a tablet

20. The person whose upgraded lake view includes a view of some of nature's most beautiful metal objects:

View from a window of a gravel roof with storage items on it and hills behind it

21. The person whose expensive haircut came out just a bit uneven:

A $60 haircut that with very uneven lengths on either side

22. The person who experienced true nugget tragedy:

Close-up of a nugget with very little filling

23. The person who ordered and received an 8-year-old's conception of a salad:

A plate with five tomato slices with pieces of cucumber on them, with caption, "Don't ask me how much this 'cucumber salad' cost"

24. The person whose cobbler shall cobble no more:

A caved-in cobbler, with caption: "I paid $167 for two-day shipping for this cobbler, and this is how it showed up"

25. The person whose pizza laughs in the face of extra bacon:

A pizza with shrimp and about three small curled pieces of bacon

26. The person whose rear end we must offer our prayers to:

A person holding a very small roll of toilet paper

27. The person who got this sandwich for ANTS:

Someone holding a tiny sandwich in the palm of their hand that cost $8

28. The person who asked for extra fries and got extra lies:

Chicken strips with a handful of fries

29. The person who bought this monitor for even more ANTS:

A tiny monitor that cost $80 next to a full-size keyboard

30. The person who won't be able to send their kid to college after this breakfast:

Close-up of someone's $54 hotel breakfast, consisting of a cup of black coffee, some toast, scrambled eggs, and one slice of bacon

31. The person whose retainer shall retain no more:

A tiny spring on a finger, with the caption "My $400 retainer broke"

32. The person who cracked open a new bag of Oop! All Stems:

A plate of broccoli stems and only a few florets

33. The person who might not be able to buff that out of their ring:

A flattened ring that fell into a garbage disposal

34. The person who learned a valuable lesson about online shopping:

Two adult feet barely able to rest on a tiny ottoman

35. The person whose iPhone got a new, HEAVY-DUTY paint job:

A phone that fell into a bucket of industrial paint and is now saturated with purple paint