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38 People Who Should Not Be Allowed To Use The Internet

Please exit the internet at your earliest convenience.

1. People who don't know how maps work:


2. Or how hearts work:

3. Or how the letter "d" works:

4. People who are looking for jobs in all the wrong places:

5. People whose "boyfriend" caught them sleeping:

6. People who shouldn't be on the internet because they should be running their taxi service:

7. People who apparently never paid attention in science class, or in life in general:

8. Like, were they asleep the whole time?

9. Most people on Twitter... Especially those who can't spell "seizure":

10. "Yoga":

11. "Bipolar:"

12. "Eiffel":

13. "Misery":

14. "Filet mignon":

15. "Rome":

16. "Outfit":

17. "Antibiotics":

18. "Inauguration":

19. "Nyquil":

20. "Pedestal":

21. "Inevitable":

22. "Coma":

23. And "mozzarella":

24. David:

25. And Tyler:

26. And Robby:

27. People a little confused with how suicide works:

28. Or how their eyes work:

29. Or how fruit works:

30. Or how windows work:

31. Or how time works:


33. Creepy dads:

34. People unaware that all people with long hair are not the same:

35. People who should be out looking for another girlfriend:

36. People with very rude houses:

37. Or very rude... and stupid friends:

38. And this sad, sad soul: