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    24 People Who Should Definitely Not Be Allowed To Reproduce


    1. This person who just wants some ANSWERS:

    2. AG and her newly discovered body part:

    3. This person who may someday invent the world's first time machine:

    4. The Pizza Bandit:


    5. This person in dire need of medical help:

    6. This person just playing it safe:

    7. This person who is a little worried:

    8. This person who is just searching for answers:

    9. This botanist:


    10. This toasty fellah:


    11. This vampire:

    12. This scientist:

    13. This kid:


    15. This very confused person:

    16. This mom of the century:

    17. This enterprising young man:

    18. This sister just looking out for big bro:


    20. This spider lover:

    21. The laxative whisperer:

    22. This other botanist:

    23. This person just trying to make a change:

    24. And these people on the search of a lifetime:


    WHAT... IS... THIS... G SPOOP?!?!?!

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