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    17 People Who Got Destroyed Online In The Most Embarrassing Way

    Got 'em.

    1. This person with a strong grasp of the English language:

    person asks for english words with a double oo and the other person says book try reading one

    2. This spelling aficionado:

    person who says they're going to delete people off their facebook for spelling errors and they make a spelling error

    3. Greg:


    4. This book lover:

    5. This person who definitely knows what's inside a vaccine:


    6. This master chef:

    7. This anti-masker:

    person who says masks do not work and the other person says sarcastically that's why medical professions have worn them for decades

    8. This biblical historian:

    9. This flat-earther:

    10. This desperate person:

    person says i think that's called desperate not bisexual and the other person says see bisexuality is that i would have sex with men or women desperation would be sex with you

    11. This olympic size disappointment:


    12. This salesman:


    13. This medical historian:


    14. This person rooting for marriage equality bans:


    15. This acronym inventor:

    16. The government watchdog:


    17. And this poor, poor soul:


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