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26 People Who Will Make You Question Humanity

Here we go again.

1. This world's worst Spanish student:

2. This man-eater:

3. This mathematician:

4. The craziest man alive:

5. This hot mess:

6. This person who just had a huge revelation:

7. The world's worst twin:

8. The keeper of the Pet Files:

9. This wordsmith:

10. Leonardo's biggest fan:

11. The only person who knows what Roman numerals are good for:

12. This guy:

13. This person who is apparently living on another planet:

14. This aspiring pedestrian:

15. The inventor of "He's":

16. This mom:

17. This geographer:

18. This gigantic football fan:

19. The world's best pizza customer:

20. This person:

21. This francophile:

22. This online shopping enthusiast:

23. The last person you want to see on Halloween:

24. The person who discovered the true meaning of Labor Day:

25. This guy who makes a REALLY good point:

26. And this person who with very fine taste in home decor:

Via Twitter: @boboswag22

We've all been there.

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