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35 Ridiculously Dumb People Who Will Make You Feel Like A Genius

There's always someone dumber than you.

1. Anyone who has apparently never attended a day of schooling in their lives:

2. Anyone who thinks you can use an iPad as a phone:

3. Anyone who thinks this is an option:

4. Anyone who thinks we celebrate Milk Day in January:

5. Anyone who thinks that this caption somehow makes sense:

6. Anyone who makes a mistake like this:

7. Anyone who thinks they can fool people with Photoshop like this:

8. Anyone that feels the need to pose this question:

9. Anyone who washes their car like this:

10. Anyone who thinks this is a good idea/even an idea at all:

11. Anyone that somehow thinks this is a question that needs to be asked:

12. Anyone that uses an umbrella like this:

13. Anyone who thinks this will help:

14. Anyone who has no idea how time works:

15. Anyone who travels like this:

Or like this:

16. Anyone who is this behind on abbreves:

17. Anyone who makes this tragic mistake:

18. Anyone who is unable to read their steering wheel:

19. Anyone who thinks this is a good way to get new phone numbers:

20. Anyone who thinks a tattoo like this is a good idea:

21. Anyone who thinks this happened:

22. Anyone who does this immediately after giving birth:

23. Anyone who asks a question like this:

24. Anyone who thinks a selfie tattoo is a good idea:

25. Anyone who packs a lunch like this:

26. Anyone who is unaware of how mirrors works:

27. Anyone who can mess up sitting in a chair so spectacularly:

28. Anyone who falls for this:

29. Anyone who goes to Facebook for medical advice:

30. Anyone who takes their food pics on Instagram like this:

31. Anyone who thinks that's how "puberty" is spelled:

32. Anyone who apparently has never been in an elevator before:

33. Anyone who has a problem like this:

34. Anyone who thinks people can die from this:

35. Anyone who proposes like this:

And the entire class of 2015: