22 Pictures That Will Make You Weep For The American Education System

    Uhhh... I think you're forgetting something.

    1. On traffic:

    person who sat in traffic for a while behind parked cars

    2. On reproduction:

    tweet reading you are either a woman or a man women have reproductive organs men do not

    3. On superpowers:

    person who says iron man is made of iron not metal

    4. On the flu:

    instagram conversation where someone doesn't realize the flu vaccine exists

    5. On dinosaurs:

    person who says dinosaur bones are fake because in museums they are held together with ropes

    6. On genealogy:

    facebook conversation where someone thinks they aren't related to their ancestors

    7. On printers:

    yahoo answers question where someone is trying to print a gif

    8. On data security:

    people posting their social security numbers on facebook

    9. On the Earth:

    facebook comment saying the earth is 6000 years old

    10. On the days of the week:

    person who says ain't had time to play on my phone because i work 24/7 5 days a week

    11. On awards:

    facebook comment reading this story won the pullet surprise

    12. On language:

    facebook convo where someone asks for the dimensions of a washing machine and the other person says they don't speak spanish

    13. On elections:

    twitter conversation where someone says obama was scared to run against trump

    14. On the Sun:

    facebook conversation where someone says the sun used to be yellow not white because of chemicals

    15. On accents:

    facebook conversation where someone says irish is the people of ireland and ireland is the accent

    16. On mammals:

    facebook post where someone says dolphins are fake

    17. On math:

    facebook math probem that reads when i was 6 my sister was half my age now i'm 70 how old is she and someone answers 35

    18. On the Senate:

    twitter conversations where someone thinks there are 377 senators

    19. On bears:

    facebook conversations where someone spells hibernating as "hyper mating"

    20. On time:

    tumblr conversation where someone is mad about military time and a person replies that americans can't count past 12

    21. On vaccines:

    facebook conversation where someone says i don't need a vaccine for a disease i don't have and someone responds and says that the point of a vaccine

    22. And on words:

    tumblr conversation where someone says the word hurt is past present and future and someone responds all adjectives are