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28 White People Who Need To Be Stopped Right Now


1. The proud owner of a mouthful of regret:

2. The Swag Mermaid:

3. The womb twins:

4. Anyone who thinks it takes five pictures to prove your point:

5. Ponytail face:

6. The proud owner of the world's worst promposal:


And anyone that uses the world promposal, of course.

7. Cherries Waffles Tennis:

8. This guy:

9. The proud owner of some fresh corn rolls:

10. Chair-brella man:

11. Megan and her uncle:

12. Pineapple head:

13. The professor who went WAY too far:

14. Mac 'n' cheese leg:

15. Brant:

16. These patriots:

17. Anyone who spends all their free time looking for their name on Coke bottles:

18. Lisa:

19. The Guac Twins:

20. This...this lady:

21. The proud owners of the world's most questionable engagement photo:

22. This criminal:

23. Worm arm:

24. Anyone and everyone with a bacon tattoo:

25. The person with the world's worst Halloween costume:

26. The leash whisperer:

Via Twitter: @CJLavin_11

27. This girl with the most questionable pastime ever:

28. And, of course, this poor kid:

Via Twitter: @69hunna

Somebody please help him.

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